Welcome to our

Iconthin Brand Ambassador Program

Help us spread the world and get up to 15% in commissions on successful referrals.

Program overview

This is for customers enjoyed the Iconthin product experience and would like the share it with their family, friends and fans. As a thank you for your sharing, we will reward you with the money you saved from our marketing budget.

The chart below shows the commission rate based on the annual sale generated through your referral link. In addition, you will receive a level bonus every time your commission rate increase. To start, you have to be a user of AstaDaily first.

Step 1

Create a partner account

Create an account

Step 2

Spread the word

Log into your account here

Step 3

Get paid!

STEP 3  Get paid! Anyone placed an order using your referral link will trigger a commission. You can view your earnings of each transaction and modify your payment settings in your account.


I have created an account, why I can't see my referral link?
- Only approved partners get access to the affiliate portal. Once you have created an account, we will process your request within 48 hours. 

When can I get paid?
- Your payment will be available 15 days from the invoice date which reflects our return policy.

How do I get paid?
- You will received payment by PayPal and an PayPal account is required to receive the payment.  

Do you have a minimum payout amount?
- Yes, minimum cash out amount is $100. Amount less than $100 can be used as store credit or requested to cash out at a processing fee of $6.

Do I get commission if the customer has shopped from iconthin.com before?
- Yes, commission will be given for any affiliate sale regardless if a customer was a new or old.

Do I receive commission if the order is cancelled?
- Nope, your commission will be removed if the customer has cancelled or requested refund of the referred purchasing order. 

Do I get commission if I refer myself?
- No, if you buy through your own referral link/coupon, you will not be given commission for that sale.

How do I receive the level bonus?
- The bonus amount will be added to your latest sale order automatically. 

If you have other questions regarding this program, please send us an email at info@iconthin.com.