Our Journey: A Record of Accomplishments

This section chronicles our achievements in both academia and business, starting with our participation in an academic conference in 2016. As entrepreneurs driven by our passion for algae, we believe that all of these steppingstones have contributed to our ultimate success.

Nominated for the Celebrating Diversity Award

Iconthin Biotech nominated for Canadian Health Food Association's Celebrating Diversity Award! 🏆 Recognizing our dedication to inclusive culture and equity. Honored CHFA Industry Achievement Awards nominee, reflecting our commitment to diversity.

AlgaeAsta™ launched!

Introducing AlgaeAsta™ Astaxanthin, created through third-generation Haematococcus Pluvialis cultivation from pure microalgae using advanced technology. Our natural astaxanthin stands out for its remarkable effectiveness and safety, catering perfectly to health-conscious consumers.

astadaily trademark registered in usa
AstaDaily in USA

We are excited to announce that AstaDaily has officially been registered as a trademark in the United States by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)! This is a major milestone for our company, and we could not have achieved it without your support. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support. We are excited for what the future holds for AstaDaily.

CHFA NOW 2022 Iconthin Biotech trade show booth
CHFA NOW Toronto

The CHFA NOW in Toronto was a huge success and Iconthin was proud to be a part of it! We were able to showcase our fantastic product lines and give a sneak peek of our upcoming new products. Thank you to everyone who stopped by Booth: 1048 to see us and make the event a memorable one!

Birth of AstaDermal

We are excited to announce the launch of our new skincare product line, AstaDermal. The first product in our line is the Astaxanthin Nourishing & Brightening Mask, which utilizes our innovative AstaNano Technology. This cutting-edge technology allows for the delivery of astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant, directly to the skin for maximum effectiveness. We can't wait for you to try it and experience the nourishing and brightening benefits for yourself.

Relaunch Signature AstaDaily®

Get ready to restock your shelves with AstaDaily® All-In-One Health Supplement! This top-rated product, which contains natural astaxanthin and a blend of other nutrients, has previously sold out twice due to its popularity. Don't miss your chance to try this highly effective supplement for yourself. Keep an eye out for updates on availability and how to get your hands on AstaDaily®

CEO Contributes on Global Perspectives on Astaxanthin

We are thrilled to announce that our CEO has been invited to contribute a chapter to the upcoming book, Global Perspective on Astaxanthin. This comprehensive volume brings together the latest research and thinking on astaxanthin and its health benefits, and our CEO's chapter, "Bio-Extraction of Astaxanthin Adopting Varied Techniques and Downstream Processing Methodologies," offers valuable insights on this powerful nutrient. We can't wait to see the final publication and are honored to be a part of it.

Medical Device Establishment License

We are excited to announce we have been granted a Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) from Health Canada. This allows us to import personal protective equipment (PPE) to support Canadian healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have begun supplying certified PPE to assist in the fight against the virus. Our goal is to help keep communities safe and healthy during this time.

Donating PPE to Fight COVID-19

Hospitals are in urgent need of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect healthcare workers and patients from COVID-19. In response, we have made donations of PPE to help in the fight against the virus. Join us in supporting #thePPEdrive and do your part to keep communities safe and healthy.

2019.10.08~2019.11.08  Blue Bio Value - Lisbon, Portugal Blue Bio Value is a business program dedicated to blue bio-economy. We were invited by them to Lisbon for a one-month business trip to scale up marine biobased solutions to global market demands
Blue Bio Value - Lisbon, Portugal

Our company was invited to participate in the Blue Bio Value program, a business accelerator focused on the blue bioeconomy. During a month-long trip to Lisbon, we worked to scale up marine bio-based solutions that address important global challenges and meet market demand.

UN Green Fair

Iconthin was honored to be invited to present at the United Nations Environment's Green Fair event, where we shared our insights on sustainable lifestyles and products. We encouraged attendees to make small changes in their consumption patterns, use active transportation, and buy local foods in order to live more sustainably.

2019.05.21  Startup Boost Startup Boost is a global tech startup accelerator aimed at working with great early stage entrepreneurs to prepare them for investment and scale-up. Under their business guidance and advice, we had successfully refined our techn
Startup Boost

Iconthin recently participated in Startup Boost, a global tech startup accelerator that helps early-stage entrepreneurs get ready for investment and expansion. With their expertise and guidance, we were able to fine-tune our technology and business model, with the goal of addressing larger societal issues.

2019.04.05  CRAM Toronto CRAM brought Toronto’s universities together to bridge the gap between research and the public. Iconthin were invited by CRAM to talk about the experience of how to commercialize a research project to the public.
CRAM Toronto

Our company, Iconthin, was invited to participate in the Toronto-based research and innovation event, CRAM. During the event, we had the opportunity to share our experience in turning a research project into a commercial success with the public.

2019.03.21  True Blue Expo True Blue Expo is U of T’s annual showcase of all things entrepreneurship and the capstone event of U of T Entrepreneurship Week. We were invited to participate as one of the exhibitors to demonstrate how we can use microalgae t
True Blue Expo

We were honored to be invited to participate as exhibitors at the True Blue Expo, the University of Toronto's annual showcase of entrepreneurship initiatives. This capstone event is part of the University's Entrepreneurship Week and offers an opportunity to demonstrate how our microalgae-based products can benefit human health and contribute to a more sustainable future.

2019.03.18  MPP Visit MPP David Piccini, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, visited U of T’s Hatchery. Our CEO Alvin Cheng had a discussion with David about how government can support Iconthin to create a susta
Meeting with MPP David Piccini

On behalf of Iconthin, our CEO Alvin Cheng met with Parliamentary Assistant David Piccini at the University of Toronto's Hatchery to discuss ways in which the government can support the development of a sustainable and green microalgae industry. The meeting was a valuable opportunity for Iconthin to share our vision and receive guidance as we work towards creating a positive impact on the environment through our green technology.

2019.03.04  YEDI YEDI is a top-tier business accelerator aiming to provide mentorship to Canada’s innovative entrepreneurs in order to accelerate successful businesses. Iconthin was proudly selected out of more than 400 applications and built solid relati
YEDI Business Accelerator Program

YEDI is a top-tier business accelerator aiming to provide mentorship to Canada’s innovative entrepreneurs, in order to accelerate successful businesses. Iconthin was proud to be selected from more than 400 applicants. We built solid relationships with experienced business mentors and investors throughout the 16-week training process, greatly shaping the future of Iconthin.


Dr. Alvin Cheng, CEO of Iconthin, was invited to attend AlgaEurope, a renowned academic conference on microalgae. During the event, he shared his insights on the current state and future direction of microalgae research and presented Iconthin's innovative astaxanthin extraction technology using a microfluidic platform.

2018.11.27  Innovate Niagara Innovate Niagara is a well-known innovation center to support young entrepreneurs and companies from a variety of industries start, grow and thrive. Iconthin was invited to the final pitch day to demonstrate how a thriving mic
Innovate Niagara

Iconthin was invited to present at Innovate Niagara, a leading innovation center supporting young entrepreneurs and companies. Our CEO, Dr. Alvin Cheng, shared how a thriving microalgae industry can help mitigate global warming and improve human health through the use of algae.


The University of Toronto held its annual research showcase, UTMUST, featuring the most advanced and innovative research projects from across the university. Iconthin was invited to present on the development of AstaDaily, a daily health supplement created through the transformation of top-tier research.

2018.06.04  UN Green Fair The 2018 UN Green Fair topic is world environment day. Iconthin was invited to showcase how to protect our environment and how our microalgae industry are making the world better.
UN Green Fair

On World Environment Day 2018, Iconthin was invited to participate in the UN Green Fair to share our vision for using microalgae to protect the environment and improve human health.

2017.10.28  Algae Biomass Summit - Salt Lake City Produced by the Algae Biomass Organization, this event brings current and future producers of biobased products and energy together with algae crop growers, municipal leaders, technology providers, investo
Algae Biomass Summit - Salt Lake City

Algae Biomass Summit is a premier event for those involved in the algae industry. Our CEO, Dr. Alvin Cheng, was invited to speak about the development of microalgae technology and showcase our innovative astaxanthin extraction process at the event.

2017.06.18 & 2016.06.29  International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts - Miami & San Diego US AlgalBBB is hosted by a well-known science journal publisher – ELSEVIER. The conference places a major emphasis on the latest technical and
2017.06.18 & 2016.06.29
AlgalBBB - Miami & San Diego US

Iconthin's CEO, Dr. Alvin Cheng, was invited to speak at the AlgalBBB conference, hosted by ELSEVIER. The conference brings together scientists, engineers, funding sponsors, and leaders to discuss the latest scientific discoveries in the field. During his talk, Dr. Cheng highlighted Iconthin's groundbreaking work on Supercritical CO2 extraction of astaxanthin.

2016.10.23  Algae Biomass Summit - Phoenix Because of our contribution to the development of microalgal technology, our CEO Dr. Alvin Cheng was awarded “ Young Researcher Award” at Algae Biomass Summit Phoenix.
Algae Biomass Summit - Phoenix

Dr. Alvin Cheng, CEO of Iconthin, was honored to receive the Young Researcher Award at the Algae Biomass Summit in Phoenix for his work in advancing microalgal technology. This recognition is a testament to the dedication and innovation of the Iconthin team in creating sustainable solutions that benefit both human health and the environment.