The best anti-aging supplement which no one will tell you about

The best anti-aging supplement which no one will tell you about - Iconthin Biotech Corp.

At some point of time, we wish how great if would if we can just simply turn back the clock and have glowing and radiant skin. But unfortunately, our anti-aging journey is not so simple. After all, there are multiple creams, mask and serums which are filling the shelves making consistently claim to reverse the visible signs of aging. To add to confusion it is difficult to tell right away if these products are actually working.

We are already aware of proven health tips like eating a nutrient rich diet, doing exercise regularly and having a good quality sleep. However, we are still looking for some magic supplement which can help with the accumulated free radicles which take a toll on our health.

First, let us understand what leads to skin damage?

The potent damage to skin begins with exposure of sunlight and ultra violet. UVA and UVB rays from the sun penetrates the epidermis and papillary dermis layer of skin affecting the epidermal keratinocytes and dermal fibroblast cells. This event triggers the release of reactive oxygen species (free radicals or ROS) and matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs). Presence of these molecules damages the skin’s natural structural scaffolding which is composed of collagen, elastin and glycosaaminoglycans.

Repeated exposure to sun and UV rays not only leads to recurrent damage but also affects skin’s endogenous repair mechanisms. Among all best anti aging supplements, Astaxanthin (pronounced as Asta-zan-thin) is the most powerful antioxidant ever present in nature. and combat oxidative chain reactions that harm skin. Hence, it is apparent that ageing is much more than mere cosmetic issue as it’s affects skin integrity and functionality.

So, where can I find a powerful antioxidant skin care supplement?

Among all best anti aging supplements, Astaxanthin (pronounced as Asta-zan-thin) is the most powerful antioxidant ever present in nature. It is one super skincare supplement which establishes a fine balance from both a health and beauty point of view.

In terms of antioxidant properties, it more significantly more powerful than any members of cartenoid family or reparative skincare ingredients. It is 6000 times more effective in fighting free radicals than vitamin C and 550 times more potent than vitamin E and green tea, as evidenced in clinical studies carried out by Dr Debasis Bagchi at Creighton Universityin the US.

Multiple research has proven Astaxanthin’s positive effect on collagen production and UV protection. It offers strong photo- protective benefits which makes skin recovery quicker and reduce pigmentation issues. Due to it’s potent anti-inflammatory properties it can protect and enhance the ability of the fibroblasts to reduce the formation of free radicles and also scavenge them after its formation. Hence, it helps by protecting the skin and provides excellent protection as an internal sunscreen.

But, is it scientifically tested?

Absolutely Yes. Several clinical trials have validated the antiaging capabilities in real world situation. In one of the recent studies, 65 healthy women were either given astaxanthin or a placebo every day for 16 weeks. Within this time frame, the placebo group experienced worsening skin wrinkles, decreasing moisture content, and higher inflammation markers. In contrast, there was no significant deterioration in the skin of the women taking astaxanthin and no increase in inflammatory markers. The research clearly demonstrates of astaxanthin’s strong power ability to fight prevent wrinkles and protect skin’s important moisture barrier.

Other previous studies support astaxanthin’s anti-aging skin benefits in improving skin wrinkles, elasticity, texture and boosts skin moisture content. It also enhances collagen production in skin cells, an action that helps to maintain or restore skin’s youthful appearance and firmness. Thus, astaxanthin helps fight the age-induced deterioration of the skin, and reduces the impact of lifelong exposure to UV radiation. Astaxanthin supplement is an entirely natural and safe way to heal your skin from inside out which is far better approach when compared to any topical application.

Where can I can get it in Canada and USA?

AstaDaily is a powerful skincare supplement which is developed after years of research at University of Toronto, Canada. It is all in one magical formulation which contains all essentials skincare ingredients like astaxanthin, luetin, burberry extract, biotin, vitamin C, E and Zinc. It is one of the most comprehensive skincare formulation which is contains 100% natural ingredients with no side effects. AstaDaily skincare routine is a promise to help you to rediscover the fountain of youth and become beautiful from inside out. Remember, why choose just beautiful skin with cosmetics when you can have both beautiful and healthy skin with AstaDaily.


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